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  • DС-B30S B30L Auto body collision repair system
DС-B30S B30L Auto body collision repair system

DС-B30S B30L Auto body collision repair system

The whole equipment working is controlled by high pressure (70MPa) hydraulic control system; the platform's lifting and towers' working are controlled separately.
It adapts high pressure hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, and hydraulic oil tube with high quality. Make sure equipment is powerful with long life.
Huge size (5600*2260*500mm/6000*2260*600mm) high strength and hydraulic inclined lifting platform is made of Q345 manganese steel plate can satisfy repair whole series of vehicles, high strength, uneasy for deformation. It can provide a firm and reliable working platform for posts and main clamps.
Platform structure with rectangular and cross hole can meet rapidly fixing cars; it is convenient and high efficiency.
Lifting system of patent platform operates flexible and convenient. It can protect lifting cylinder far away from sundry erosion. It is convenient to drive accidental vehicles up and down the platform. 15 tons of lifting cylinder can provide super power for platform.
High strength Q345 manganese steel of heavy-duty tower is powerful, safe and reliable. Large-standard posts with φ160mm and 2000mm height can satisfy the repairing for accidental vehicles as SUV, MPV, Pick-up, minibus, light trucks besides saloon cars.
Classic tower operating system ensures 360 degrees rotation along platform track, and it is safe, reliable, flexible and low labor intensity.
High strength vice style clamp can grip automobile chassis skirt and cross beam. The mouth of clamp made of 35Crm alloy steel is firm, safe and reliable to clamp vehicles. It can satisfy fixing the chassis of all kinds of vehicles.
The lifting methods of main clamps are T style easily rotating screw with height indication, can meet maintenance for different height of auto chassis.
Fixing the main clamps onto platform with 10.9 grade high-tensile and large-standard bolts, it is rapid, safe and reliable. The amount of fixed bolts is little can save time and improve working efficiency.
The pulling clamps are made of 35CrMo alloy steel which can satisfy pulling any deformation of accidental vehicle. It is flexible, convenient, reliable and durable. 10.9 grade bolts of fixing clamps are high-tensile, durable, safe and reliable, reducing the cost of quick-wear parts.
High strength 8620 alloy steel of 80 tooth chain with gravity gyration drag hook is convenient to operate. It is durable, safe and reliable with long life. Chain drive uses ratchet with less friction, tower working is powerful.
Tools board with wheel is convenient to supervise and use.
The compatible designing platform possess intelligent electric and laser measure system, it can satisfy the demand of the upgrade in the future.
The products conduct simulation design with three-dimensional software of Solidworks. Force analysis with COSMOSXPRESS software, which is quick and accurate. After product is finished, conducting strictly loading test to ensure safely using.
The overall equipment adopts environmental protection spraying technology with strong adhesion and good wear resistance. Humanized technology offers more comfortable feeling for workers.
It can meet demand of repairing C grade cars, SUV, Pick-up, and MPV.

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