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  • YD-30  Auto Body Double-side Dent  Pulling Machine
YD-30  Auto Body Double-side Dent  Pulling Machine

YD-30 Auto Body Double-side Dent Pulling Machine

  • Auto Body Double-side Dent Pulling Machine
  • Product description:

The DC-Y30 pneumatic spot welding machine manufacture the world's most advanced soft switch inverter technology, graphic LCD display system can clearly show the welding materials, time, power and the thickness function of various welding mode, easy and simple operation, integrated circuit reads accurate, equipment is the core part adopts the European well-known brands imported and improve the machine performance and quality assurance can be in any circumstances are different, the new high strength steel of high quality welding, DC-30 spot welder and C Type gun technology and the world synchronization.

Functions And Features

The microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters. Using advanced digital
control technology and user friendly design, all you have to do is select the welding current
corresponding to the work piece thickness to achieve the best welding results.
The latest German soldering and plug-in technology to solve the problem of electronic components fall off easily.
USES the Japan SMT technology.
CPU made by new green fiberglass board, make the product service life is longer.
Aerospace-nanometer technology embedded smart chip, low-carbon energy and environmental protection.
Overheating protection.
The torch has detection function and informative function, a more comprehensive understanding of the use of state machine.
Welding different steel body and stainless steel and other materials of the body to repair (do not hurt the body interior paint).
Various welding procedures are available sucH as shrinking, washer welding, dent pulling spot welding, flattening, waveform wire welding, stud welding, OT washer welding, triangle washer welding etc.
Ten kinds of welding function, pulse repair welding.
C type multi-functional welding torch, can rotate 360 degrees.
Digital graphic big LCD monitor. 10 preset weld programs. Welding information be clear, Control system with stable output power.
With accurate over current protection, the welding current exceeds the preset current, the welder automatically enters the protection state, in order to ensure the safe use of the machine.
With double side and single side spot welding function.

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