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  • VT-3 CHIEF Electronic Measurement
  • VT-3 CHIEF Electronic Measurement
VT-3 CHIEF Electronic MeasurementVT-3 CHIEF Electronic Measurement

VT-3 CHIEF Electronic Measurement

  • VT-3 CHIEF Electronic Measurement
  • Product description:

VT-3 includes all of the high-quality features and durable materials you've come to expect from Chief, but is budget-priced to deliver an incredibly fast ROI while providing consistently accurate and reliable service in shop-tough environments.

Intelligent Electronic Measurement: Signal produced, signal collection, signal transmission, computer display. Single point data collect principle; it can quickly measure auto body sizes and point-to-point distances.
Aluminum cable pull-tab slides and retracts cable effortlessly to nearly 2 meters in Length
Wireless transmission distance can reach to 50 inches, wireless communication, and transport data to computer, compared with standard data in the computer.
Accuracy of measuring data is ±1mm
Measuring data can be showed inches and mm, only press one key can easily switch
High-intensity backlit LCD display makes reading measurements easy
Can measure every parts of vehicle, like engine cabin, cab, car door, front and rear windshield, trunk and chassis.
Working stably, will not affected by surrounding.
High-impact ABS composite housing for longer product life and unparalleled toughness and durability, made for use in a busy hop environment
Provide whole vehicle data, includes China's domestic vehicles

Miracle of measuring system
VT-3 measuring system can measure auto body each parts dimension and point-to-point distances faster, more accurately with innovative technology.
VT-3 measuring system accurately measures lengths from 11 inches  to 80 inches. Measurement data can be showed by inches or millimeters. But best of all, VT-3 can wirelessly transmit this data to your electronic measuring system, instantly populating the correct field in your software.
Easy to use, lower price, VT-3 is your best choice.
VT-3 once you have, nothing else pursued.

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