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  • TECHER 5 Auto body collision repair system
TECHER 5 Auto body collision repair system

TECHER 5 Auto body collision repair system

  • Auto body collision repair system
  • Product description:

European mobile professional collision repair equipment.

The whole equipment will be controlled by hydraulic system, the platform is movable, and it can satisfy more kinds of repair.
The high pressure hydraulic device of ENERPAC or POWERTEAM, strong power, safe and dependable, durable.
The platform is made of steel with high standard and high strength;it is high accurately processed with huge digital controlled equipment. It can satisfy the repair requirements of Bench, BMW, Audi cars and the lower grade ones, also can be worked with CELLETE platforms.
The high strength post can work free in multi-angle; it can be locked in one point, pulled in multi angle strongly and quickly. It also can be worked with CELLETE machines.
The global most classic generic main clamps (CELLETE in French), the clamp mouth is made of 35CrMo steel material; it can grip the car firmly and safely. The main clamp can lock with single threaded rod, it's easily operated firmly, the move of main clamp can be prevented effectively when pull it. Also can be worked and exchanged with CELLETE machines.
The locating clamp for whole car body is optional, modular combination, this is the first generic one in global, one set replace other N sets, it can satisfy the requirements of collision fix for all kinds of cars.
The pulling clamp is made of 35CrMo which can be used for any morph; it can be operated easily and flexible, safe and dependable, durable. The bolt can be fixed with 10.9 grade clamp with high strength, safe and dependable, durable. It can decrease the cost of tools which are easily damaged.
The high strength chain is made of 8620 steel, which is safe and dependable, durable.
Tools board with wheel is convenient to supervise and use.
The compatible design platform with intelligent electric and laser measure system, it can satisfy the requirement of the upgrade in the future.
The products are designed with simulation three-dimensional software Solidworks. Stress analyzed with COSMOSXPRESS software, fast and accurate. The loading test is strictly past after the machine is finished to insure the using safety.
The whole equipment is plastic sprayed for environmental protection with high adhesion and strong wear ability which offers the users more comfortable feeling.

It can be used for repairing C grade cars, SUV, Pick-up, and MPV.

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