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  • Orientation Clamp for all kinds of Vehicle
  • Orientation Clamp for all kinds of Vehicle
Orientation Clamp for all kinds of VehicleOrientation Clamp for all kinds of Vehicle

Orientation Clamp for all kinds of Vehicle

  • Orientation Clamp for all kinds of Vehicle
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Introduction Of Orientation Clamp
During The Accident Vehicles Repair,what Purpose Is Most Important?
1、The Repair Of Accident Vehicles Is Precision ,make Sure The Important Workmanship Point Recover Automotive Original Data For Auto Body ,chassis Crossbeam;after Stretching Repair Remove Stress, Make Sure Workmanship Points Data Will Not Change By Time.
2、Accident Vehicles Repair More Efficiency And Increased Repair Speed, Shorten Time ,improve Work Efficiency.

3、Accident Vehicles Repair Must Reduce Our Worker Productive Labour Strength, Convenient To Operation And Location , Repair Accident Car In All Domains.

According to the craft of auto chassis manufacturing, orientation clamp could locate, fix, measure and guarantee the process anchor points on the chassis pulled and repaired based on the original model data. It can guarantee the precision of repairing, reduce labor intensity and repairing cost, improve the work efficiency.
After 8 year's studying of international advanced auto body collision repair experience, combining the condition that platform holding is huge and body repair need a new development, so the orientation based on the platform was developed.
1、Orientation clamp adopts modular combination. You can choose the modular you need according to your car models, parts of your car, demands of the customer.
2、The orientation can be installed to any brand of platform, So it will reduce the cost if you want to update the platform.
3、The orientation clamp almost covers all kinds of cars, so it improves the ability of repairing different vehicle, it is very popular in the repair shop and 4S station.
4、Parts of orientation clamp: Track, Basement, Connecting Bolt and Orientation Head,  Conversion Bearings, Orientation Pin, Tools Board.
5、Orientation clamp adopt high strength alloy steel material like 42CrMo,Q345B and so on .
6、Orientation clamp adopt digital control machine production an d mold model production ,make sure the parts with high precision ,use convenient efficient。
7、Modular Orientation clamp use flexible ,can be check location precise,so that eliminate the influence vehicle basement deformation stress.
8、On condition ensure accuracy of maintenance,than traditional maintenance methods improve efficiency of 50%

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