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  • NBC-270N  Mig Welding Machine
NBC-270N  Mig Welding Machine

NBC-270N Mig Welding Machine

  • Mig Welding Machine
  • Product description:

The DC Series MIG Semi-automatic Gas Shielded Welding Machines Are Suitable For All Position Welding And For The High Speed Welding Of Sheet Metals And Medium Plates. These Units Are Mainly Used In The Welding Of Ferrous Metallic Materials Such As Low Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, High Strength Low Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Iron Aluminum And Nickel. With A One Piece Design, Pwm Electronic Speed Control Provides And Effective, Smooth And Steady Wire Feed During The Welding Process. These Machines Are Extensively Used In The Welding And Field Operation Of Steel Construction, Oil Pipelines Car Production, Shipyards And Industrial Installations.

Functions And Features

With an Using advanced integrated circuit, functional modules, the new technology of high-performance switch with convenient adjustments, even easy for the beginner.
Self-development, mature technology, high reliabiliy, easy operation and high efficiency.
The microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters. Using advanced digital control technology and user friendly design, all you have to do is select the welding current corresponding to the work piece thickness to achieve the best welding results. 
Unique voltage automatic self testing function, Multi-bridge rectifier with high precision two-way time adjustment system and Dual Drive wire feeder.
Using the Practical, reliable and advanced technology Equipped with high energy-efficient main transformer and switch of gun testing. Welding torch from worldwide band with Complete with tool box and anti-blocking agent ; Separated wire feeder and welding gun with extended cable are optional.

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