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  • H-D1 The most flexible makeup repair system
H-D1 The most flexible makeup repair system

H-D1 The most flexible makeup repair system

  • The most flexible makeup repair system
  • Product description:
¯ Blocking floor style fixing system, 5000x7000 working space, it's fast and convenient to install which save much time and cost, and it can be reused many times.
¯ The anchor is made of 35CrMo steel, high strength, durable, convenient to install. Any combination is OK according to the floor.
¯ The high strength steel main clamp lengthen and widen fixing board which is fast to be installed, it can fix the main clamp fast.
¯ The classic main clamps (CELLETE in French), the clamp mouth is made of 35CrMo steel material; it can grip the car firmly and safely. With good wear resistance and durable, it can fix, locate, lock and lift. The height can be adjusted fast.
¯ The Q345 steel post and classic platform style can repair lift the cars in 360 degree.
¯ 10 ton hydraulic working cylinders for post and 10ton high pressure hydraulic pump which can offer high strength, safe and dependable and high repair efficient.
¯ Movable caster and patented spring design, so the post can move flexible, can work firmly and dependable.
¯ 5 meters high strength 80 grade chain which helps to pulling flexible, wide using range, safe and dependable.
¯ Complete pulling clamps made of 35CrMo steel which reaches the standard of platform frame equipment which can satisfy the different customers and cars.
¯ The whole equipment is plastic sprayed for environmental protection with high adhesion and strong wear ability which offers the users more comfortable feeling.
¯ The measure which is accurate and easy to operate can be optional, match the date of all series cars. So that can exceed the original simple pulling function.
¯ The working efficient is very high for this kind of equipment; it can save the time for car drive on and off, also the fixing time. Increase the efficient working time. And it also takes less working space, the floor can be used flexible, no need so big space like platform frame.
¯ The practicability is so big of this machine, no matter the car, bus, big bus, truck, or the heavy or small accident; it can fast repair the different hurt part. Decrease the cost and increase the usage of the space and equipment.
¯ Usage is so wide; it can repair several cars at same time. And it can be used for parts installing, test, protection or car stop.

¯ Low cost and high return, it is high economical. And the middle volume so it's perfect choice for those shops who has no so big space to install big platform machine. The pulling equipment can be also be added according to the collision workshop.

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