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  • DC-8635DJ/8635DJ1 Deluxe Scissor Lift
DC-8635DJ/8635DJ1 Deluxe Scissor Lift

DC-8635DJ/8635DJ1 Deluxe Scissor Lift

  • Deluxe Scissor Lift
  • Product description:
1. Adopt the hidden shearing type structure, small space is occupied.
2. Independent control box, low voltage control, good safety performance.
3. Hydraulic volume synchronous oil cylinder, synchronized and stable operation of platform.
4. Adopt the double safety device of hydraulic lock and mechanical double-tooth insurance claw, drop automatically, through the locking operation, make insurance claw to achieve reverse-backing positioning, safe and reliable.
5. Adopt hydraulic failure and overload safety valve protection.
6. Adopt throttle device of oil route, when oil pipe is bursting, the machine will not drop fast.
7. Adopt the oil-free super wear-resistant material sliding block.
8. Adopt Italy, Germany, Japan and the other high-quality hydraulic, electrical components.
9. Adopt the integral type base; strengthen the capability of horizontal adjustment, horizontal accuracy can be adjusted accurately, especially suitable for four-wheel locating detection.
10. Adopt emergency manual lowering device in power failure.
11. Receive 115% dynamic and 150% static testing.

12. Accord with standard of European Union CE.

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