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  • DT-7000 Induction Heater
DT-7000 Induction Heater

DT-7000 Induction Heater

  • Induction Heater
  • Product description:

It can be applied to the heating repair and replacement of automobiles, trains, subways, ships, port machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery and machine tools etc steel structure parts and bolts 、nuts heating repair 、replacement.

Is used for sheet metal straightening and loosening of small machine parts such as nuts up to M24,pins,or clamping rings.the machine is mainly used for lighter repair work.The highly efficient induction heater enables the heating of small parts nearby.overheating of the material is avoided through the use of five different output levels and a unique regulation and power control system.cooling of induction heater is provided using an efficient closed water cooling system.

Theory of Induction Heating:

1. Induction Heating Machine: It is a device that could transform electric energy to heat energy.220V,50/60HZ AC could be transformed into DC, then into high frequency high voltage electricity.In a similar way, 380V,50/60HZ AC could be transformed into 10-30KHZ high frequency low voltage large currency. It is always used to heat industrial products.
2.Induction Heating Coil: When the high frequency high voltage currency flow through the coil, alternating magnetic field will be produced. When it touched with iron material, currency will appear and will drive the
iron atoms moving irregularly in high speed. Heat energy will be produced during atoms friction.

Advantage of Induction Heater:
1.Low Maintenance Cost and Long Lifespan.
Induction heating coil nearly produced no heat energy, lifespan is as long as 10 years, do not need to change frequently.The induction heating coil will not produce heat energy, and can withdraw high temperature of 500℃.

2. Safe
Heat energy was produced by electromagnetic interaction and can be fully utilized. All the heat energy is gather in the interior of heated iron material, temperature of coil is a little bit higher than indoor temperature and can be touched safely.
3.Efficient and Energy Saving
Because the heat energy was produced in the interior part of the heated products, preheating time is very short. Normally speaking, compared with resistor heating, it can save 60% preheating time, 30%-70% electricity. 95% of electric energy could be transformed into heat energy.
4. Temperature Control
Induction heating coil does not produce heat energy and with small thermal retardation and low thermal
inertia.Temperature can be controlled exactly in time, it helps a lot to improve the products quality.

5.Excellent Insulation
Induction heating coil is specially use in this kind of machine.It has excellent insulation and will never leakage or short.
6. Improve Work Environment
All the heat energy is gathered inside of the heated products and almost has no heat consumption. Outside of the heated products can be touched It improves work environment greatly.

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