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  • DC-Y10  New Style Dent Pulling Machine
DC-Y10  New Style Dent Pulling Machine

DC-Y10 New Style Dent Pulling Machine

  • New Style Dent Pulling Machine
  • Product description:

DC-Y10 auto body repair machine microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters,user friendly design, big LCD digital display, high put power, easy to move and simple to operate, the welder is used for a wide material of applications, such as dent pulling, carbon rod heating and shrinking, single -sided spot welding, stud bolt welding, sheet plate cutting and sheet metal welding,use this versatile welder in body repair work, you will need less raplacement of panels and less time to finish your work, it will change the way you work entirely.

Functions And Features     

The Microprocessor Control System Optimizes The Welding Parameters. Using Advanced Digital Control Technology And User Friendly Design, All You Have To Do Is Select The Welding Current Corresponding To The Work Piece Thickness To Achieve The Best Welding Results. High Precision Time Adjustment System.
USES The Japan SMT Technology.
CPU Made By New Fiberglass Board, Make The Product Service Life Is Longer.
Aerospac-nanometer Technology Embedded Smart Chip, Low-carbon Energy And Environmental Protection.
Overheating Protection.
Spot Welding Automatic Cooling Function Status.
Torch Self-test Function, It Is More Better To Know The Machine On Work.
Designed To Spot Welding Procedures Are Available Such As Shrinking, Washer Welding, Dent Pulling Spot Welding, Flattening, Waveform Wire Welding, Stud Welding, 0T Washer Welding, Triangle Washer Welding Etc.
Digital Graphic LCD Monitor, 10 Preset Weld Programs. Welding Information Be Clear, Control System With Stable Output Power.
Ten Kinds Of Welding Function Selection, 4 Kinds Of Material Thickness Setting, Pulse Welding Repair.

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