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  • DC-3588  Dry Sanding Dust  Extraction
DC-3588  Dry Sanding Dust  Extraction

DC-3588 Dry Sanding Dust Extraction

  • Dry Sanding Dust Extraction
  • Product description:

Dry Sanding Dust Extraction

Perfect supporting system provides quicker, more efficient work; let you feel product difference. 

Technical Feature:

This kind of industrial vacuum dust extraction is designed for dust-free polishing, can use cooperatively with pneumatic, electric grinder, hand planer, etc. Electrical linkage, triple dust filter to ensure workshop environment and operator health.
This machine is equipped with 6m double vacuum tube, two sand mills work at the same time; convenient to teach, improve working and usage efficiency.
Two-stage power electrical machine, ultra-quiet motor can provide you quiet working environment, maximum noise is only 80 decibel.
Improved function with automatic/manual two operation modes, vacuum dust extraction barrel can be used as wet and dry vacuum cleaner to clean workshop.
Double filtering obviously enhances dust removal effect, ensure working environment, improve working efficiency.
Convenient to change filter (sponge filter frame on the back of top cover)
Sander rotary connector distortion compensation, ensure tools make dust tube not entangled.
Equipped with atomized lubricator, sander working automatically maintains lubrication through supplying gas. 
Filter for cleaning and filter bag as present

Standard Accessories

Mobile Tool Cart:1PCS
Vacuum Cleaner:1PCS
Storage Box:1PCS 
Tools cladding:1PCS Size:900X480MM
Tools Hook:10PCS
Spray Gun Hook:2PCS 
Host Bracket:1PCS
Hose Hook:1PCS
Sanders Hook:1PCS 

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