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  • DC-EJ-2/DC-EJ-3 Air twice jack
  • DC-EJ-2/DC-EJ-3 Air twice jack
DC-EJ-2/DC-EJ-3 Air twice jackDC-EJ-2/DC-EJ-3 Air twice jack

DC-EJ-2/DC-EJ-3 Air twice jack

  • Air twice jack
  • Product description:

1.Easy effort : For adopt air automatic lift , no need human effort, easy to use
2.Convenient and quick : lift speed is very quick. In generally ,Lift time only need 3s, Super low chassis feature is highlight.
3.Protect the chassis : For the contact part with auto chassis is soft rubber which will protect chassis
4.Cost-effective : Although price is a litter high than usual jack , it's durable.
5.Strong and sturdy : More than the national standard 24MPA airbag testing, use times up to 10 million times, with an average of 50 times a day, you can use up to 5 years.
6.Maintenance-free: Because it is pure pneumatic products, without hydraulic oil, there is no oil leakage problem, do not need to replace the seals, but also because the airbag itself is rubber products, joint like seals, gas seal easily completed.
7.Low temperature use : Due to the use of high-performance airbags, in the -40 ° conditions, the performance is equally remarkable
8.Wide use range: because it's plane contact with the ground, so It will be as usual if use in the snow and in the sand, there is no subsidence and can not support problem.

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