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DOOCAR Brief Introduction

Doocar Auto Engineering(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.----- Founded in June 2004, Doocar Electrical Equipment(Rizhao) Co., Ltd. ---- Established in April 2007. Team with more than 20 years professional auto after-market industry experience.

DOOCAR headquarters is located in Shanghai advanced manufacturing base --- Shanghai Jiading zone. neighbor with world famous Shanghai F1 circuit, Shanghai International Automobile City, Shanghai Tongji University Jiading branch, Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd., Shanghai Automotive R & D Center, Toyota (Shanghai) Technology R & D Training Center and many other internationally renowned car manufacturers. DOOCAR fully share automotive manufacturing industry advanced technology, advanced manufacturing information.

.Honor certificate
After 12 years of development, uphold Europe and the United States advanced production technology, improve the manufacturing process, and carefully create the extraordinary quality, scientific and democratic open management philosophy, sincere service attitude ... ... all of this, DOOCAR team seriously implement and achieve results
2004 Pass the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Technical Supervision Qingpu Branch product standards for the record
2005 Pass the CQC ISO9001 international quality system certification and annual review
Since 2005 has won dozens of national product patent certification and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered trademark
Since 2005, the company is China Automobile Warranty Equipment Industry Association, China Automotive after-market Industry Association, Shanghai Automotive Maintenance Industry Association, Shanghai Automobile Insurance Chamber of Commerce and other industry associations: members, executive director, vice president and other qualifications
2005 - 2006 Shanghai integrity of enterprises
2007 HC car maintenance network ten maintenance and maintenance equipment brand
2005-2007 industry fastest growing companies
2008, HC top ten gold medal service enterprises
2009 China auto maintenance Huacai RuiYi prize
2010 China auto maintenance Huacai car bench top five products prize
2010 through the EU CCQS UK product safety and quality system CE certification
2011 maintenance and maintenance equipment top ten well-known brands
2011 China  auto maintenance Huacai Product Innovation Award
2011 pass the CQCDE ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification
2012 China auto maintenance  Huacai good quality products
2013 China 's top five products in China
2014 China Automotive Warranty Equipment Industry Association best 20 good tools and equipment
2014 China Automotive Maintenance and Maintenance magazine best 20 good tools and equipment
2015 China auto maintenance Huacai famous products
2016 China auto maintenance Huacai famous products
2016 Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware Association integrity business

. Brand positioning:

With 12 years of professional development and continuous expansion; professional and high-end positioning; innovation and breakthrough; we initiate the customer to be supreme; Providing perfect solution.

1. Global professional integrated solution manufacturing supplier for automotive sheet metal and spray equipment.

2. Integrated solution manufacturing supplier for commercial vehicle inspection and maintenance equipment.

3. Integrated solution manufacturing supplier for car maintenance products (additive, engine oil).

4. Professional supplier of hydraulic components and rail transit maintenance equipment.

Solution provider for vocational education automotive sheet metal and spray teaching program.

. Products of Doocar

1. Whole serials sheet metal tools for auto body collision repair equipment: Professional automotive sheet metal lift, car lifting equipment; European high-end collision repair bench; flooring repair system; auto body quick repair tools; automotive chassis and whole body measuring system; American collision repair platform; car position clamp and professional clamp system; professional car sheet metal and pulling tools; spare parts for auto body collision repair; car sheet metal and maintenance line series; pneumatic cutting saw, plasma cutting machine, spot welder; carbon dioxide protection welding machine, aluminum alloy professional repair system; door frame stretcher, manual/pneumatic/electric sheet metal maintenance tools; automotive sheet metal polishing, painting and baking equipment; paint processing tools as dry grinding dust extraction machine, spray gun, spray booth, shortwave infrared curing lamp. Sheet metal and spray line: Integrated system for sheet metal and spray tools.

2. Commercial equipment integrated program for heavy duty maintenance and repair equipment: lift, four-wheel aligner, chassis straightener, induction heating system, balancing machine, Tyre changer, spray booth, detection line, etc.

3. Automotive maintenance products supplier ( American car additive, EUROLUB engine oil from Germany) .

4. Hydraulic components and rail transit maintenance tools professional supplier.

5. Automotive sheet metal and spray teaching for vocational education: course ware, training tools and equipment supplier.

Customers of Doocar

Doocar Auto Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. adhere to the international development direction, there are more than 500 sales service network all over the world and more than 100,000 sets of sheet metal maintenance tools and equipment used in more than 100 countries such as China, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Angola, Sudan, Oman, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Span, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and so on. At present, we have established close relationship with more than 10 the world's leading sheet metal spray tool equipment manufacturers.

Dooar Auto Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been working closely with the automobile manufacturing company. At present our products have covered all brands of car 4S shop and professional car repair business. Since 2005, Doocar has successfully established partnerships with many automakers:

Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., Changan Mazda Ford Motor Co., Ltd., Chrysler (China) Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Peugeot Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd.; FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd.; FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.; Dongfeng Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. , Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Subaru Automobile Co., Ltd., Ssangyong Automobile Co., Ltd., Saab Motor, Opel Motor, Southeast Motor Co., Ltd. FAW Group, Guangzhou Automobile Group, JAC, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., BYD Automobile Co., Ltd., Changan Automobile, Beiqi Union, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. and other auto companies designated station standard products; and has been designed by Mobil oil, Shell oil, Castrol oil lamp internationally renowned brands.

Doocar dedicate to cooperate with car manufacturers, meanwhile increase cooperation with the car sales service group, and car chain business cooperation. Doocar is currently successful for many car group companies, chain companies supporting:
Thank you to Guanghui Automobile Group, the Pangda automobile group, the Zhongsheng group, the Baoxin group, Shanghai Yongda Group, Shanghai Guansong Group, Shanghai West Shanghai Group, Shanghai Pacific Group, Shanghai Greenland Group, Zhejiang Yuan Tong, Shenzhen Dongfeng South Group, Jiangsu Tianhong Group, Jiangsu Huapeng Group, Nantong Wenfeng Group, Nantong Pacific Group, Jiangyin Transit Group, Shandong Yuantong Group, Shandong Hongfa Group, Yantai Jinde Group, Beijing Jiahua Group, Beijing Express Group, Shanxi Baoding Group, Shenyang Xintong Group, Shenyang Huihua Group, Henan Weijia Group, China Harmony Automobile, Hunan Blue Sky Group, the new exquisite repair chain, Fujian Warburg Group, Xiamen Chi Yu Group, Xiamen Kailong Group, , Yuhua Suzuki, Chengdu Jianguo Automobile, Sichuan Hong Kong Auto, Shanxi Dachang Automobile and other automotive chain operations group, Zhejiang thumb maintenance of the company's products and the trust of the work of the strong support.

Since the year of 2004 supplied one station equipments to Yantai Jinde Group, Doocar spend a lot of time and work on 4S shop, quick repair chain shop, especially the sheet metal spraying solution. Successful to Guangzhou Huasheng car (high-end car repair), Shanghai Jinhong Automobile Group, Shanghai Dongyi car 4S station, Yunxiu repair and chain stores supporting the whole plant. Accumulated supporting more than 100 whole plant matching

Doocar is well versed in people-oriented, understanding of communication, sharing, complementarity, integration, win-win, innovation and other modern business philosophy of the essence. Company management by the domestic and foreign industry veteran members, convinced that years of professional knowledge, experience to meet the different needs of customers. All the staff of the company insist on learned, interrogation, careful thinking, discernment, insist doing the work of the code of conduct, earnestly practice and strive to achieve: all to customer satisfaction and create customer value as the center.

After years of unremitting efforts, Doocar has become the most complete production of enterprises in the area of China's automotive sheet metal maintenance equipment manufacturing, the most comprehensive strength of one of the industry manufacturing enterprises. Innovative thinking, standardized management, customer-oriented philosophy make us become a global professional automotive sheet metal spray repair equipment integrated suppliers, commercial vehicle testing and maintenance tools equipment program integrated manufacturing suppliers, automotive maintenance supplies (additives, oil) integrated suppliers , Hydraulic components and rail transit maintenance equipment and equipment professional providers, vocational education car sheet spray teaching solutions to solve the supplier.

Leading the development of the industry has become our mission. Time is different, the spirit is living. Doocar people cherish every trust, kindly treat every cooperation, always tireless to create the best cooperation and exchange environment.




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